SIGIR Workshop on eCommerce  will take place on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Workshop Program

Ann Arbor | Michigan League | Room: Koessler (Floor 3)
Morning Session
8:55 am Opening Remarks
9:00 am
Search For E-Commerce: (Not) Solved (Yet)
Liangjie Hong     Etsy inc., USA
Abstract: E-Commerce sales are expected to reach at least $414 billion in US by 2018. According to a recent survey, over 55% of online customers begin their online shopping journey by searching on an E-Commerce website like Amazon as opposed to a generic web search engine like Google. While information retrieval research to date has been primarily focused on optimizing generic search experiences, and search engines in the past decade have improved significantly, not too much attention has been paid to search for E-Commerce. In this talk, I will explore some intrinsic differences between web search and E-Commerce search that makes the direct application of traditional search ranking algorithms to E-Commerce search difficult. In addition, I will present some recent attempts at Etsy to tackle challenges in E-Commerce search.
9:45 am Contributed Talk - Paper 1
Towards a simplified ontology for better e-commerce search
Aliasgar Kutiyanawala, Prateek Verma and Zheng Yan
10:05 am Coffee Break
10:30 am
Contributed Talk - Paper 2
Did We Get It Right? Predicting Query Performance in E-commerce Search
Rohan Kumar, Mohit Kumar, Neil Shah and Christos Faloutsos
10:50 am Breakout Session
11:40 am
Breakout Session Reports
12:00 pm Lunch Break
(Lunch not Provided)
Afternoon Session
1:30 pm
Future Directions in Alexa Shopping Research
Vanessa Murdock    Amazon, USA
Abstract: Alexa Shopping at Amazon focuses on enabling users to shop with a multimodal device, driven by a voice interaction. Developing a customer-friendly shopping AI entails solving basic research problems such as natural language understanding, developing natural multi-turn dialogs, high-accuracy retrieval of sparse texts, and personalizing not just the result, but the interaction itself. In this talk we discuss commerce-specific open research problems facing Alexa in the coming years.
2:15 pm Panel Discussion
Which technologies will drive eCommerce in the near future?
Jaap Kamps University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Grant Ingersoll Lucid Works, USA
Vanessa Murdock Amazon inc., USA
Alistair Moffat University of Melbourne, Australia
Mohit Sharma Walmart Labs, USA
3:00 pm Coffee Break
3:30 pm
Report on SIGIR eCom'18 Rakuten Data Challenge
Yiu-Chang Lin
3:40 pm Poster Pitch
4:00 pm Group Discussion
4:20 pm Poster Session
In Room 4 (Floor 1)
5:20 pm Closing